The Miracle Key Pore Refiner (30g) - Natural
Gentle, thin paste, with the ingredients containing hyaluronic acid and Australian nuts seed oil, can help removing excess oil and moisturizing, so that the skin feels fresh and docile, not shiny. Special spherical powder which covers the large pores and flaws, to create a refreshing beauty effect.

Product Features:
- Moisturizing and oil control: Ingredients containing hyaluronic acid and Australian nuts seed oil, help moisturizing the skin and removing excess oil, so that skin feels fresh and comfortable.
- Perfect concealer: Spherical powder helps covering the thick pores and flaws, instantly create a sense of zero flattery.
- Gentle: Light and translucent paste, mild to skin, will not bring damage to skin.


Hyaluronic acid: Add water, lock water and moisturizing. Australian nuts seed oil: Rremove excess oil, oil control. Spherical powder: Conceal large pores, acts as concealer.


Step 1: Before the makeup process and after the basic skincare steps, take appropriate amount of PORE REFINER in hands. Step 2: Apply on face from the cheeks on both sides, then gently wipe from the inside out, focusing on the rough areas in pores. Step 3: Gently wipe on in the neck, then can start doing the makeup.

The Miracle Key Pore Refiner (30g) - Natural

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