Bird's Nest Super Hydrating Gel Mask (44g x 5)
Soo Beauté Hydro gel mask series has excellent adhesion than normal gel mask. Their light weight can avoid the mask slip off.

The main effects of the Bird's Nest Super Hydrating Gel Mask are hydrating, brightening and smoothing, It was formula with bird‘s nest extract and hyaluronic acid, to solve the skin dryness problem, and reveal full and hydrated skin, also plays a role to nourish, anti oxidant, and improve skin radiance, leaving skin brighter and instantly moisful!

Product Features:
- Hydrate and brighten your complexion and revitalize dull skin instantly, reinforcing moisture retention.
- Contains rich and precious essences, including bird's nest extract, hyaluronic acid, bamboo extract and lecithin for deeply moisturizing, anti-oxidation and repair the skin.
- The special hydro gel mask material allows it to fit your face like the second skin layer and the essence is more easily absorbed by the skin.


Bird's Nest Extract and Hyaluronic acid: Reinforcing moisture retention which enhances skin plumpness.

Bamboo Extract and Lecithin:Improving skin elasticity and complexion.


Apply the mask after daily cleansing and toner. Remove the mask after 20-30 minutes and gently massage until the essence is fully absorbed. (For better result, leave the mask on for an hour until it is dried)



Bird's Nest Super Hydrating Gel Mask (44g x 5)

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